If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, one thing you’ll need to do is have some awesome photographs of your property. While you may be tempted to take the photos yourself with your smartphone…don’t! It’s imperative that you hire a professional to take your real estate photographs.

Here are just a couple of reasons why.

Real Estate Photography

A Pro Knows About Lighting

Professional photographers know all about lighting—what’s most flattering, what isn’t quite so flattering, and how to make the best out of the lighting available. In other words, pros know how to show your home in its (excuse the pun) best light. If you use your smartphone, you’ll be dependent on your camera’s flash and will likely end up with a bunch of photographs that look washed out or too dim.

Hilton Head Real Estate Photographer

A Pro Knows About Editing

Knowing how to properly edit a photograph is a big part of a professional’s job. While you can play around with all the filters available on your smartphone, chances are you don’t have the photo editing knowledge to get the best out of your architectural photography. The pros do.

Professional Architectural Photographer

A Pro Knows About Angles

It takes a lot more than just standing in the doorway with your smartphone and pushing the little button to take great real estate photographs. Professional photographers know all about angles—which ones are best suited to make your place look its airiest and most spacious, and which angles will do the exact opposite.

Home for Sale Photographs

The above are just three reasons you should never take your own real estate photographs using only your smartphone. Instead, leave it up to the professionals!

Do you need some architectural photographs made of your prized home? Look no further than Lisa Staff Photography! Give us a call at 843-422-0197 or fill out our handy-dandy contact form online here.

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