Summer is upon us, and it’s the perfect time for colorful, bright weddings…but there’s a fine line between tastefully inserting loud hues into your wedding décor and having your big day look like the circus has come to town.

Read on for some tips on how to spice up your wedding with gorgeously bright hues without going overboard.

Bright Flowers and Bridesmaids

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Flowers are the most obvious way to add splashes of color to your wedding in an elegant and understated way. Another thing to consider is your bridesmaids’ dresses—they can be colorful without being over the top, and the above photograph is a testament to that.

A Stunning Flower Girl

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Most of the time, flower girls wear white along with the bride. But if you want your flower girl to stand out, why not dress her in a lovely summer hue? This will not only add some color to your wedding but will also provide your flower girl with a dress she can likely wear again and again (until she grows out of it, that is!).

Spice Up Your Man’s Wardrobe

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The girls don’t need to have all the fun! Grooms can aid in bringing some color into your wedding with a bright bowtie, colorful jacket, or crazy socks. Take the groom in the above picture into consideration—his blue jacket is richly hued and sure to turn heads without making him look like he’s going to a prom in the ‘70s.

Let Nature Provide Summer Hues

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Nature provides the best summer colors, so it only makes sense that Mother Nature herself be included in this list. If you’ve opted for a destination wedding, use the tropical flowers and foliage to your advantage in both photos and the ceremony itself (if you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding).

Other Colorful Accents to Play With

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There are tons of other ways you can add bright, fun colors to your big day in small doses. Take the bows used on the ceremony chairs pictured above as an example. That turquoise certainly does draw the eye, doesn’t it? You can also consider your centerpieces, jewelry, shoes, and other “small” aspects of your wedding for summery hues.

A white wedding is classic in its tradition and elegance, but when you’re having a summer wedding, you may want to inject some color into the scene! By following the tips given above, you can be sure your wedding will have just the right amount of bright hues without being overwhelming to guests.

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