Ah, love. Wedding bells are something most little girls dream about, and falling in love is something we all yearn for as we grow into adolescents and adults. But what about when we reach our golden years?

The good news? Love doesn’t discriminate against age. And we have a couple of lovebirds who prove that point!

Starting Out as Friends

Spring Island Wedding Photography

Martha and Dan first met as neighbors years ago, when they were both married to other people. The two couples enjoyed each other’s company and spent time together regularly. Martha and Dan, just like their spouses, became good friends.

Tragedy Strikes

Professional Wedding Photographer

Then the worst thing that can happen to a person happened to both Dan and Martha: their spouses passed away. While dealing with their grief, they leaned on each other, helping them grieve their spouses and continue on with life.

From Tears to Happiness

Hilton Head Wedding Photographer

Time passed, and while the two grieved, they became closer and closer…until they found themselves falling in love. Now Martha and Dan are inseparable, and the affection they hold for each other is evident in their wedding photos.

A Stunning Wedding for a Stunning Couple

Spring Island Professional Photographer

Martha and Dan exchanged vows and solidified their love on Spring Island, which is a little piece of paradise in our beloved Lowcountry. The historical structures and lushness of the place provided the perfect backdrop for these two to join in marriage.

Professional Wedding Photography

We loved shooting Martha and Dan’s wedding, and it wouldn’t have been possible without a number of wonderful vendors. Much thanks and respect goes out to Wedding Planner Ashley Rhodes, EM Creative Floral, and EventWorks. Without your help, this wedding wouldn’t have been possible.

Whether you’re twenty or eighty, if you’re in love and ready to march down the aisle, look no further than Lisa Staff Photography for your wedding photography needs. Contact us via our online form, or give us a ring at 843-422-0197. We would be honored to help make your wedding one for the ages.

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