Veronica and Matt’s love runs deep, and that love was tested just a month before their wedding ceremony, when an act of Mother Nature sent the couple’s wedding plans scattering in the wind. But as you can see in their wedding photographs, these two fought through it and created a memorable—and breathtaking—wedding.

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When Adversity Struck, Veronica and Matt Were Ready

Sea Pines Resort Wedding Photography

Just a month before their wedding, Veronica and Matt were shocked when Hurricane Matthew struck the area they’d initially planned to celebrate. Honey Horn Plantation was no longer suitable for a wedding, as it was filled with hurricane debris, so the lovebirds put their heads together and got their ducks in a row, opting to get married in the Sea Pines Resort. All the wedding vendors hustled to get everything done in time for the wedding, and for that, Veronica and Matt are undoubtedly grateful.

An Organic, Naturistic Venue

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While the ceremony was held at the Holy Family Catholic Church, the reception was held at the Sea Pines Beach Club on the gorgeous Sea Pines Resort property. The area is surrounded by gorgeous trees, creating a forest backdrop that created some incredible photographs. The beach club is an open, airy space whose charm is only enhanced by the breeze coming off the ocean. It truly creates an organic, nature-focused environment that’s both soothing and fun.

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Surrounded by Loved Ones

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What made Veronica and Matt’s wedding so special was the love that was present during the entirety of the event. Surrounded by friends, family, and other loved ones, the couple exchanged vows, then enjoyed time with those most special in their lives. 

Gorgeous Bridal Portraits with Family

And, of Course, a Killer Reception

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What followed the elegant ceremony was the reception at the beach club…and as you can see, it was a blast! Everyone had a killer time celebrating Veronica and Matt’s union, and it couldn’t be more evident.

The wedding could not have happened without all the vendors involved, who rushed to help Veronica and Matt put together their special day in record time. So we thank Bride’s Side Beauty, JLK Events and DJ Gary Lucca, florist Lauri Leber from The Flower Shop Bluffton, videographer Jonathan Jackson, and the Holiday Inn Resort Beach House. We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention the hard work put in by Molly Kennedy with Celebrations Catering. While she was unfortunately unable to cater the event due to the hurricane and chance in venue, she spent a lot of time helping with the planning of the wedding, and we thank her!

Professional Wedding Photographer

Veronica and Matt’s wedding day was one for the ages. We are so honored to have been part of their special day.

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