Avec tout mon coeur…. with all my heart…. at Palmetto Bluff.

A perfect description for this lovely couple. Yes. Yes. I do realize that every single person attending this wedding was a card-carrying member of “The Beautiful People’s Club”. I also realize that the groomsmen really took their duty to task and made sure that they were the best dressed, most dapper lads ever to participate in a wedding at Palmetto Bluff. These men owned it and gave the bridesmaids a run for their money. The bridesmaids were certainly not ones to fold under the challenge. Their robin egg blue dresses, contagious smiles and stellar posing brought the challenge to a draw. But, the one major player in this event to make it a standout was not the model perfect, eye candy attendees but the emotions of the day. The joy. The tears of joy. The tangible love. How could you not eat it up? It was a feast for the senses. “With all my heart”, totally encapsulates this couples love for each other, their family and their friends.

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